Kiss the Boys and make them die


The girl you just called hot? That me

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Paris nightclub, 1985
Harry Gruyaert


will you still love me when i’m no longer young and beautiful
  • my bf: *doesnt reply*

  • me: [fuck this, I can do so much better than this ashy ass bitch. what am I supposed to do with some lil dick for the rest of my life anyways??? let me call his best friend MATTER OF FACT LET ME CALL HIS BROTHER. he’s not even that cute for me to be stressing over him. only reason I dated him is cause my girl told me to give his lil ugly ass a chance I'm over it tho, next! ha ha!]
  • my bf: my bad I had to pee. 

  • me: I thought you did! wassup babe 😍😛


A body can only go 4-5 days without sleep, but I’ve gone years without rest.

i can’t hear anything over my racing thoughts // charlotte geier  (via wintercrying)

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  • person: hey baby did it hurt when you fell from heaven
  • me: are you implying that i am satan
  • person: no, i--
  • me: because you're right i am
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Don’t remember the night but this says everything


Don’t be a religious suburban white mom about it

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