Kiss the Boys and make them die


I was not myself for weeks yet nobody noticed.

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Goodnight moon


I’m fake cause sometimes when a boy text me I’ll be like “who’s this?” and have his number saved

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i let my laundry basket overflow because i like to push my limits in life

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people say lmao a lot nowadays but no one says rofl anymore and its weird cause back in the day rofl and lmao used to be interchangeable and if you were a risktaker youd combine them into roflmao but now everyones dropped rofl. its probably for the best but i cant help but be nostalgic.

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I will not be your “sometimes”.

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Anonymous Asked:My boyfriend & I usually have sex on the floor behind his bed so when you walk in you can only see the bed. And we were having sex one day & I was on top and his mom walks in and she can't see him but she can see me with my shirt on, and she's asking me where he is and I'm sitting on his dick & he's on the bottom trying not to laugh and moving around to make me make faces. And we were talking for like 15 minutes while I was sitting on his dick and having pleasant talk with his mom. NEVER AGAIN.


if he doesn’t grab ur ass while making otu does he even like u

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Pussy put his ass to sleep, now he callin’ me NyQuil

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